SRI Testing

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New Upgrade
There are a few things different about SRI, because of the Scholastic upgrade over the summer.

eMac only
Now, SRI is only on eMac computers, not the iMac’s anymore. If you run SRI on an iMac, it is the old SRI running and it will not register the student’s scores, even if the student is in the old SRI system. I hope to disable the old SRI very soon so that we do not get confused.

Icon in Dock
On an eMac computer, SRI is in the Dock, at the bottom of the screen. The icon says SRI on a blue and white background. There is a heavy red line around the box. You can’t miss it. To start SRI, the students will click on the SRI icon in the Dock. If your student is taking the test in your classroom, you will find SRI on the student account, the account with the blue desktop.

Student User ID
When SRI starts, it will ask for the student’s username (ID) and password. The student’s user ID is their first name and last name together with no spaces between the two names. For 4th and 5th graders, their user ID is the same as the user ID they had last year. For 3rd graders and students new to Westchester, the user ID is their official name. Whichever it is, there is a list of students in the SRI database. That list is in your mail box in the front office for you to check and give back to me. Then there will be a copy of the same list in the lab for you to keep when you come to take the test. There will be a copy of the list all year in the lab in the SRI folder on the desk for your easy reference.

Student Password
The password for all the students is the same. It is "password".

SRI in the Classroom
In the classroom, remember that SRI and Reading Counts are only on the eMac's, not the iMac's anymore. SRI is on the student account. Probably the student account is a blue desktop. Your teacher account is probably a flower of some kind. Remember the login password for the student account is "student".

Reports from SAM
For you to get reports as a teacher and to track student progress, you will use SAM, which replaces SMS. SAM is on the teacher account on your new 2006 eMac. It is not on the old eMac. To find SAM on your new eMac, log into your teacher account. SAM is in the Dock. “Sam” is a little dog with a black eye patch. And again, the icon is a box with a read outline on an orange background.

Teacher Login and Password for SAM
Your login and password are in your email on this, or in User ID/ Password Memory Sheet. Otherwise, email your Technology Specialist. You can change your password if you want to by going to the My Profile button at the top right of the window when you first login.

SRI and Reading Counts List of Enrolled Students
There will be a list of students enrolled in SRI in the lab for your reference there when you need it. The folder is on the top of the file cabinet between Wendy’s desk and mine.

SRI is Regular Software, Not a Web Site
I'm sorry about the confusion, but SRI is not a web-based test, so there is no web link to it here on Quick_Ref, as there is for Star and Tungsten testing. But after requests to have this information more available, it is now here on Quick_Ref.

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