A Pledge To The Confederate Flag

“I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the Confederacy, and to the ideals for which it stood and stands: liberty, honor, chivalry, independence, courage, duty, and love of God, family and home”.


“On my honor, I promise never to forget the just Cause to which so many devoted their lives. I promise to do m best to see that their proud history is truly reported and not defamed. May my voice be strong and true as I tell the story of the flag and its people to my children and their children, and all else who will listen”.


“And, if the time comes when the flag requires my defense, may I have the courage, the strength and the honor to defend it at all costs, with all that I have, and all that I am. This I pledge on my sacred word of honor”.






A Proposed Confederate Pledge Of Allegiance would state:



I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the Confederate States of America and to the Republic through which it stands, our Nation under God, of Sovereign States, with liberty and Justice for all.



Remember, or learn if you didn’t already know, our founding father created the Confederacy in 1778 when they created the Articles of Confederation under which they, with General George Washington, fought and won a war against the British Empire. The Constitution of 1789 was but a more complete contract of government between the various State republics which they began to call the States of America of the “united” States of America.




We suggest that true Americans and Confederates who value the work of our founding fathers in the creation of a truly free nation which gained its independence from Great Britain, learn the above proposed pledge of allegiance and begin claiming their heritage of freedom and independence once again.